Other Funders

  • „Roles of Neural Synchrony in Perception“. Joint German-Israeli project with E. Ahissar (Rehovot). Funded by the Minna-James-Heineman Foundation. Funding period: 1994–1997
  • „Dynamics of cortical cell assemblies - experiments and theory“. Joint project with M. Munk (Frankfurt), S. Grün (Berlin). Funded by the Volkswagen-Foundation. Funding period: 2001–2005
  • „Dynamik von Aufmerksamkeitseffekten und perzeptuellen Entscheidungen im menschlichen Sehsystem“. Funded by Hans-Lungwitz-Foundation. Funding period: 2003-2004
  • „Repraesentation – Theorien, Formen und Techniken“. Joint project with H. Sandkühler (Bremen), K. Vogeley (Cologne), S. Nannini (Siena). Funded by the Volkswagen-Foundation. Funding period: 2005–2008
  • „Landesexzellenzcluster Neurodapt - Learning, memory, plasticity and related disorders“. Joint project with C. Büchel, C. Gerloff, M. Glatzel, I. Hanganu-Opatz, D. Isbrandt, S. Knecht, M. Kneussel, D. Kuhl, K. Kutsche, E. Mandelkow, A. May, B. Röder, J. Zhang (Hamburg) and J. Born (Lübeck). Funded through the „Landesexzellenzinitative Hamburg“. Funding period: 2009-2012
  • „Cross-modal learning: Adaptivity, prediction and interaction“. Joint project with J. Zhang, S. Wermter and B. Roeder (Hamburg). Funded through the „Landesforschungsförderung Hamburg“. Funding period: 2015-2017 
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